A Collective Dream

There are only a few things that can unite an entire kingdom, and for Sundanese people, Persib is one of them.

For nearly nine decades since its inception in 1933, Persib has been the symbol of the unity of West Java. People live and breathe Persib even when they are no longer living in the province. And for generations, Persib has been a culture inherited from fathers to sons.

More than just a football club, Persib symbolizes dreams and inspirations for Bobotoh, a Sundanese word for the ones who give encouragement towards a club or activity – a word that has now been exclusively used to call the supporters of the club.

Persib is pride, sadness, disappointment, anger, or whatever feeling our hearts pour. However, Persib is also often synonymous with happiness. Let this site serve as a place to capture those emotions.

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