I Made Wirawan: The Goalkeeping Legend Who Defined Persib’s Glory

As the tension in Jakabaring stadium in Palembang reached a fever pitch, I Made Wirawan, Persib Bandung‘s veteran goalkeeper, stared down his opponent Nelson Alom from Persipura Jayapura during the penalty shootout of the 2014 Indonesian Super League (ISL) final.

With a deep breath and steely determination, Wirawan lunged to his right, expertly blocking the crucial penalty kick from Persipura’s fourth taker to help Persib secure the long-awaited victory.

This iconic moment, etched in the memories of Persib’s fervent supporters, was a testament to Wirawan’s immense talent and solidified his place as a club legend. Moreover, this victory brought an end to Persib’s agonizing 19-year trophy drought.

Today, as Persib takes on Persikabo at the GBLA Stadium in what is expected to be his final game, Wirawan will make his 113th appearance for the club, marking the end of an illustrious career spanning over a decade. Wirawan has been instrumental in Persib’s success, and his departure leaves behind an indelible legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

The Bali-born shot-stopper joined Persib Bandung in 2012, following a successful stint with Persiba Balikpapan, and quickly established himself as a formidable force between the posts.

His sharp reflexes, excellent positioning, and calm demeanor made him a fan favorite, and his teammates soon learned they could rely on him in the most critical moments.

The 2014 Indonesian Super League stands out as the pinnacle of Wirawan’s career. Persib’s triumph that year was in no small part due to his outstanding performances in goal. Throughout the season, Wirawan made countless crucial saves, ensuring that the team would go on to claim the coveted title and put an end to the long-standing trophy drought.

One of the most memorable moments of that season was during the semi-final match against Arema Cronus. With the game tied at 1-1, and with the clock winding down, Wirawan made a series of stunning saves to deny Arema the winning goal.

His efforts in that match were instrumental in taking Persib to a 3-1 victory after extra times, securing their place in the final against Persipura Jayapura, where his legendary penalty save would ultimately secure their victory.

Building on the success of the 2014 ISL win, Persib went on to claim the 2015 President’s Cup, with Wirawan once again playing a pivotal role. His consistent, high-level performances provided a strong foundation for the team, allowing them to clinch yet another prestigious top-tier trophy.

Wirawan’s impact on Persib goes beyond his on-field contributions. He has been a leader and mentor to many young players in the squad, helping to nurture the next generation of goalkeeping talent. His relentless work ethic, dedication to the team, and sportsmanship have left an indelible mark on the club’s history.

In a heartfelt Instagram post today, Wirawan addressed his beloved club and supporters:

“To the big family of @Persib Bandung, especially the bobotoh, thank you for always being behind me, supporting and praying for me. From now on, I am a part of you.”

As I Made Wirawan prepares for his final game today, it is only fitting that the GBLA Stadium pays tribute to a player who has given so much to Persib. His career has been marked by incredible highs, and his contributions to the club will not be forgotten. The legacy of the legendary goalkeeper will live on in the hearts of the fans and the annals of Persib’s storied history.

Bobotoh will gather at the GBLA Stadium to celebrate Wirawan’s incredible career, as well as to show their appreciation for the commitment and passion he has brought to the club over the years. His 112 performances for Persib have been marked by countless memorable moments, and his final appearance today will undoubtedly be an emotional and bittersweet occasion for all those involved.

His leadership, experience, and ability to perform under pressure will be greatly missed by the team. However, his legacy will continue to inspire and motivate the next generation of goalkeepers, who will strive to emulate his success and dedication to the club.

I Made Wirawan’s remarkable career has had a profound impact on Persib Bandung and its supporters. As he takes the field for the last time today, the entire football community will come together to honor and celebrate a true legend of the game. His name will forever be etched in the history of Persib, and his contributions to the club will never be forgotten.


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