Persib Fails to Give Made Wirawan Proper Farewell as Continental Hopes Fade

It was meant to be a grand farewell for Persib Bandung’s I Made Wirawan, but the final match of his illustrious career ended in heartbreak as Persib suffered a crushing 1-4 defeat at the hands of Persikabo at GBLA Stadium on Saturday.

The farewell game was meant to be a memorable send-off for the legendary goalkeeper. The crushing loss not only marred Wirawan’s final appearance but also dealt a blow to Persib’s hopes of securing a runner-up spot and qualifying for the continental competition.

Persib started the match with a strong attacking display, creating numerous chances and asserting their dominance. Achmad Jufriyanto and Frets Butuan both had clear opportunities to score, but their efforts were denied by the posts.

Despite their early dominance, Persib’s defense crumbled as Persikabo managed to find the back of the net three times. David da Silva scored for the home side in the second half, making it his 24th goal of the season. However, instead of mounting a comeback, Persib conceded another goal, resulting in a disheartening 1-4 loss.

Wirawan was brought on in the 81st minute in an attempt to salvage some pride, but his presence on the field could hardly change anything. The disappointing result highlighted the failure of Wirawan’s teammates to give him a proper farewell, a stark contrast to his illustrious career with the club.

To make matters worse, the defeat has left Persib’s hopes of qualifying for the continental competition hanging by a thread, as they failed to secure the runner-up spot in the league. The club will now have to regroup and assess their options for the next season.

Despite the disappointing farewell match, I Made Wirawan’s legacy at Persib Bandung remains untarnished. His heroics during the 2014 Indonesian Super League and the 2015 President’s Cup will forever be etched in the club’s history. As Wirawan hangs up his gloves, Bobotoh will continue to remember him as a true legend who served the club with unwavering dedication and passion.


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