Persib in Advanced Talks With PSIS, Rans Players: Reports

Persib Bandung is reportedly in advanced talks to sign attacking midfielder Septian David Maulana from PSIS Semarang and fullback Edo Febriansah from Rans United, as the team looks to strengthen their squad ahead of the 2023/24 season.

In the previous season, Persib finished in third place with a record of 19 wins, 5 draws, and 10 defeats after 34 games. The team managed to score 54 goals, while conceding 50 times. As they aim to improve their performance in the upcoming season, the club is targeting new signings like Maulana and Febriansah.

Edo Febriansah played 25 times for Rans United last season, scoring 5 goals and providing 5 assists. The versatile 26-year-old fullback can play both on the right and left sides, making him a potential option for Persib, who has been looking for reinforcements in the fullback positions after Henhen Herdiana missed several games last season.

Septian David Maulana made 16 appearances for PSIS Semarang last season, scoring 5 goals and assisting 2 times. The 27-year-old attacking midfielder has a history with Persib’s head coach, Luis Milla, as he was a reliable player for the Spanish coach during his tenure with the Indonesian national team.

Persib’s performance in the 2022/23 season demonstrated their potential, but there is still room for improvement. The club is actively looking to bolster its squad, and with the 2023/24 season set to begin in July, new signings like Maulana and Febriansah could play a part in their plans for the upcoming campaign. For now, the players are on a break, and the team is expected to reunite for pre-season preparations in early June.


3 thoughts on “Persib in Advanced Talks With PSIS, Rans Players: Reports

  1. SDM has been a talent for several years already (a hot prospect using football manager terms) but several injuries on the way didnt let him “evolve” that much so he ended up in PSIS. There he got injured again more than once the past two seasons and didn’t play so many matches. No doubt he is a good player but on the other hand the midfield in Persib is “packed” with many players so unless several will leave it will be hard for him to be in the lineup.

    Edo is a whole different story, his name popped up a couple of months ago and he is meant as a wing back defender, a position that we lack players in both sides of the field. As a full back he is one of the best in the country but mostly for his offensive attributes, decent crossing, dribbling and create dangerous situations in the attack BUT his defensive skills weren’t so visible when playing for RANS that had a “swiss cheese defence” all season long. Good set pieces taker as well (and corners) but it seems it will be better if there is someone behind him in defense with him playing mostly as midfielder/winger.
    Unless Milla goes on with the “3 central defenders” experiment that I am not really fond of to be honest. It worked for a while but I think we got lucky in some matches and luck after turned the back on us.

    What we really need is central defender(s) and not so old ones (Victor, JuPe age), Rizky Ridho would be ideal but Persija got to him first (good luck with him having salary issues in the future). It will be an interesting “preseason” considering transfers and preparation since the forthcoming league it’s the first time after several years that there is no uncertainty if or how it will be played (still you never know, it’s Indonesia after all) so there is a perfect chance to organize everything smoothly.

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      1. Dont really know which ones are available, Fachruddin would be a good addition but I doubt he is “free”, Andy Setyo is decent, I personally like Dewangga from PSIS (that can play many positions), I hope Bagas wont come (read some rumours) from Arema. Unfortunately central defenders and center strikers is the position that Indonesia “produces” the least.

        It seems that R.Irianto will have to move to the defense and accompany a new import most probably (I doubt Nick will stay) unless there will be a star signing like Jordi Amat or Elkan Baggott but I doubt this will happen. Sometimes its better not to bring so many stars cause they rarely play well as a team together when that happens.


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