Transfer Update: Analyzing Edo Febriansyah’s Potential Role in Persib’s Lineup

Persib Bandung has officially signed Edo Febriansyah, the versatile fullback who previously played for Rans United.

The 26-year-old caught the attention of Persib management despite Rans United finishing at the bottom of the table last season. Edo’s ability to penetrate and deliver accurate crosses from the flanks was among the qualities that stood out in his performances.

He boasts an impressive record, having played 25 times for Rans United last season, scoring 5 goals and providing 5 assists.

In Persib, Edo will face a different level of pressure compared to his previous clubs, as Bobotoh’s expectations will be extremely high. It remains to be seen how he will adapt and settle into his new surroundings.

One of Edo’s main competitors for a starting spot will be Henhen Herdiana, the 28-year-old right back who made 20 appearances last season, scoring one goal and providing five assists. Despite his reliable performances, Herdiana was mostly absent during the latter half of the season due to personal issues.

Meanwhile, Zalnando, a 27-year-old left back, had an excellent start to the season, providing three assists in his nine appearances. His pinpoint crossing ability is a significant asset for the team, but a horrific injury forced him to miss most of the season. Rezaldi Hehanusa, a 28-year-old newcomer, was signed during the transfer window to back up the injured Zalnando and contributed two assists.

Kakang Rudianto, a promising 20-year-old center back who has been fielded as a right back at the club and national team level, made 11 appearances. David Rumakiek, a talented 24-year-old left back, spent most of the time on the sideline due to a broken leg injury.

Lastly, Daisuke Sato, the Japanese-Filipino defender, mostly played as a left center back in a three-back scheme preferred by Luis Milla. His defensive solidity was accompanied by two goals throughout the season.

Edo Febriansyah’s ability to play on both the right and left flanks, as well as his penetrating runs and accurate crossing, could make him a valuable addition to Persib’s lineup. However, it’s important to note that his success isn’t guaranteed given the higher pressure he will face at Persib. Edo’s performance in the upcoming season will be closely watched by both the coaching staff and the Bobotoh.

Edo Febriansyah: Versatility and Tactical Options

Edo Febriansyah’s arrival at Persib Bandung raises questions about how he will fit into the team and contribute to their success, especially given the club’s underwhelming performance last season, finishing third with 54 goals scored and 50 conceded. Edo’s versatility and ability to play on both the right and left flanks make him a valuable addition to the squad, offering coach Luis Milla multiple tactical options.

One potential role for Edo is as a fullback in a traditional four-man defense. His ability to penetrate the opposition’s defense and deliver accurate crosses could help create more scoring opportunities for Persib’s forwards. Additionally, Edo’s defensive capabilities could contribute to strengthening the backline, potentially reducing the number of goals conceded.

In a more attacking setup, Edo could be deployed as a wingback in a formation with three center backs. This would allow him to focus on making forward runs and providing width in the attacking third. With his crossing skills, Edo could supply quality balls into the box for Persib’s attackers, leading to an increase in goals scored.

Another aspect to consider is Edo’s potential partnership with other fullbacks in the squad, such as Henhen Herdiana, Zalnando, and Rezaldi Hehanusa. Edo’s versatility means he can be deployed on either flank, allowing Milla to rotate players and keep them fresh throughout the season. This could help maintain a high level of performance across all competitions.

It’s worth noting that adapting to the pressure and expectations at Persib will be crucial for Edo’s success. If he can quickly settle into his new surroundings and establish himself as a key player, he could play a significant role in helping Persib improve on their third-place finish from last season.

3 thoughts on “Transfer Update: Analyzing Edo Febriansyah’s Potential Role in Persib’s Lineup

  1. He has played several matches with Timnas the past couple of years as well but people used to compare him with Luke that plays much better for his club (Man Utd) and not that well when playing for England.
    We had a need of bringing full backs since last season, two came but none of them actually played (you forgot Eriyanto in the analysis above) and Bayu Fiqri left (initially on loan but the move became permanent some days ago if i am not mistaken) only to be replaced by “Bule” later on. Hope Edo will help!!!


      1. I only remember him since I was waiting to see if he will ever play and he didnt I guess. He hasnt done much with Persiraja either, its not that he had an impressive season before, it was a surprise him coming to Persib when other clubs were signing better “full backs” that were available (Firza, Ballah and Reva Adi) and all of them made an impact in their new clubs.


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