Right-Back Battle: Henhen Herdiana vs. Putu Gede – Who Will Claim the Starting Spot?

As Persib Bandung prepares for the upcoming season, an intriguing battle is set to unfold for the right-back position. Henhen Herdiana, a long-standing figure in the team, will face competition from the newly signed I Putu Gede Juniantara.

Both players bring unique qualities to the table, making it a captivating showdown for the starting spot. Let’s delve into their individual strengths and statistics to analyze their potential impact on the team.

Henhen Herdiana – The Reliable Defender

Henhen Herdiana has been a formidable force at the back for Persib in recent seasons. His consistent performances and defensive prowess have provided much-needed security for the team.

Henhen’s ability to read the movements of opponents is exceptional, allowing him to position himself effectively and make crucial interceptions. In one-on-one battles, he often comes out on top, displaying excellent defensive technique and physicality.

However, Henhen’s season took an unexpected turn when he mysteriously disappeared during the latter half of the previous campaign, citing personal issues. This absence raised questions about his availability and commitment going forward. Nonetheless, his previous performances still speak volumes about his defensive capabilities.

Despite that, however, Henhen managed to register 5 assists and 1 goal last season.

Putu Gede – The Attacking Threat

Putu Gede, the latest addition to the Persib squad, brings a different dimension to the right-back position. Known for his attacking mindset, Putu Gede has the ability to venture forward and contribute to the team’s attacking moves.

He possesses the speed and agility to join the attack, often finding himself in dangerous positions inside the opposition penalty box.

During his six-year tenure at Bhayangkara, Putu Gede showcased his attacking prowess, playing a total of 130 games. While he has collected 24 yellow cards and one red card, it’s important to note that his aggressive nature is a testament to his commitment and passion on the pitch. With his ability to create scoring opportunities from the flanks, he adds an extra dimension to Persib’s attacking options.

Comparing Statistics

In terms of experience, Henhen Herdiana holds a slight edge, having featured in 138 games for Persib over the past six years. During this time, he received 10 yellow cards, indicating his discipline and composure on the field. Putu Gede’s statistics from his time at Bhayangkara include 130 appearances, along with 24 yellow cards and one red card, reflecting his competitive nature.

The battle for the right-back position between Henhen Herdiana and Putu Gede promises to be an intriguing contest. Henhen’s defensive reliability and ability to read the game make him a formidable presence at the back, while Putu Gede’s attacking mindset provides an added attacking threat for Persib.

As the new season unfolds, it remains to be seen who will claim the starting spot and make a significant impact on the team’s success. The competition between these two talented players will undoubtedly push each other to reach new heights and contribute to Persib’s quest for glory.


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