Persib Executive Reveals Reason Behind Club’s Failure to Obtain ACL License

In a recent media interview, Persib Bandung’s top executive, Teddy Tjahjono, shed light on the club’s inability to secure the license to compete in the top-level AFC Champions League (ACL).

The decision was made during a meeting of the Club Licensing Committee held in Jakarta on May 17, 2023. Persib Bandung received a copy of the meeting’s outcomes, confirming their failure to obtain the ACL license. However, it’s important to note that Persib’s third-place finish already hindered their possibility to compete in the ACL this season, making the failure to secure the license more of a technicality.

“The lack of a Technical Director within our club structure played a significant role in our failure to obtain the ACL license,” claimed Teddy Tjahjono on Friday, expressing his disappointment. “We are actively working to fill this crucial position and address the technical aspects required for future licensing.”

The Club Licensing Committee’s decisions were twofold. The first decision granted “Granted with Sanction” status to six clubs that met the requirements outlined in the PSSI Club Licensing Regulation. These clubs include Bali United FC, Borneo FC, Madura United FC, Persebaya Surabaya, Persija Jakarta, and PSM Makassar.

The second decision pertained to the regulations for the AFC Cup and Liga 1, stating that seven clubs met the established requirements. These clubs are Bali United FC, Borneo FC, Madura United FC, Persebaya, Persib Bandung, Persija, and PSM Makassar.

The absence of a Technical Director within Persib Bandung’s organizational structure was a critical factor in the club’s failure to obtain the ACL license. The Technical Director normally oversees the technical aspects of the team, including player development, tactics, and performance analysis.

Teddy Tjahjono assured that Persib Bandung is actively working to fill the Technical Director position. However, the club has not yet made a final decision as the selection process requires careful consideration and evaluation of the candidates’ qualifications and compatibility with the club’s needs.

“The appointment of a qualified Technical Director is essential for our club’s future success and growth,” Tjahjono emphasized. “We are committed to finding the right individual who can contribute to our long-term goals and ensure that we meet all necessary criteria for future licensing opportunities.”

While Persib Bandung’s failure to secure the ACL license may seem disappointing, it does not undermine the club’s eligibility to compete in Liga 1.

The pursuit of an ACL license represents Persib Bandung’s ambition to test their mettle against the top teams in Asia. While this year’s license was not obtained, it serves as a reminder of the importance of fulfilling all criteria for future opportunities. The club’s focus now shifts to strengthening its technical infrastructure and ensuring the availability of competent personnel to propel the team forward.

As Persib Bandung continues to navigate its journey in Indonesian football, the appointment of a qualified Technical Director and the adherence to licensing regulations will be paramount for the club’s sustained growth, enhance its competitive edge, and reaffirm its standing as one of Indonesia’s top football institutions.


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