A Collective Dream

For nearly nine decades, Persib Bandung has stood as a symbol of unity for the people of West Java. Since its inception in 1933, the club has captivated the hearts and minds of the Sundanese people, transcending geographical boundaries and becoming an integral part of their culture.

Persib represents more than just a football club – it is a source of dreams, inspiration, and a shared sense of identity for its fervent supporters, known as Bobotoh.

The term Bobotoh, a Sundanese word for those who encourage and support a club or activity, has become exclusively associated with the passionate fans of Persib. Generation after generation, the love for the club has been passed down from fathers to sons, cementing Persib’s status as an enduring cultural phenomenon.

Persib embodies a vast array of emotions for its supporters – pride, sadness, disappointment, anger, and above all, happiness. The club serves as a unifying force, bringing people together to share in both the triumphs and the struggles. It is this deep-rooted connection that inspired the creation of persib_world on Twitter and persib.world, the first and only website dedicated to covering Persib Bandung in English.

As a passionate Bobotoh myself, I felt compelled to establish a platform that would capture the essence of Persib and share it with a wider audience. Through these platforms, my goal is to give voice to the emotions, stories, and experiences of the club’s loyal supporters, while also providing comprehensive coverage of Persib’s journey on and off the field.

By offering content in English, persib.world aims to bridge the gap between Persib’s devoted fanbase and the global football community. It is a place where Bobotoh from all walks of life can come together to celebrate the rich history and vibrant spirit of Persib Bandung. Through match reports, player profiles, interviews, and in-depth analyses, persib.world seeks to provide unparalleled insight into the world of Persib and the people who hold it dear.

As Persib continues to unite the Sundanese people and inspire dreams and aspirations, persib.world will be there to chronicle each moment, capturing the essence of what makes this club so special.

Join us on this journey as we share the unique story of Persib Bandung and its passionate Bobotoh with the world!

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